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Use Your Wings

Hi Quties, how are you? At the time of writing this, the world has been in quarantine for quite some time and there is (AGAIN) a viral video of a police officer who unnecessarily has a murder to his name. We live in a world where hugging is illegal but watching a person die before your very eyes is literally within reach. I want to tell you that if you've been feeling messed up lately, it's actually a good sign. A while back I was on Dam Square in Amsterdam and there was a pigeon that was walking across the road while a car drove up. That pigeon just kept walking quietly as that car came closer. The moment that pigeon realized that a car was coming, it would be too late for him. That pigeon was lucky that the driver slowed down. The first question that came to mind was: “Why is that pigeon in the first place?!”. For the creation that he is, that pigeon could easily fly to its destination. But like most city pigeons they have lost their natural instincts and alertness, to the point that, with their wings, they now cross over with people on foot 😂 Why is it a good sign that you are or have been feeling messed up? Your natural human instinct senses that something is not right. Either because you lack connection with people or because you see what people do with each other. Rather feel that pain than go numb. Is a waste of your wings.


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