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Behind The Queendom

Studio Queenhood is a black & female owned small business based in the Netherlands that is incredibly inspired by tropical elements and a colorful lifestyle.


Studio Queenhood was created by Quinsaira Hooi on May 12th 2018 and has been able to creatively inspire queens ever since.


We stand for women with style who don't need much to show their beauty and dare to be different than expected. Because of their idiosyncrasy, royalness & humility they know how to stand out. Despite being aware of their queenship, they are subservient and accessible. With style, these Queens know how to work towards success and lead a colorful life.


Studio Queenhood wants to radiate this in a fashionable way by means of beautiful products that fit the Queenhood lifestyle. ​


Studio Queenhood is the subsidiary of QH Design, a graphic design studio. The DNA of QH Design can be recognized in the emblem that can be seen as a signature in artworks and the letters QH can be found in the word Queenhood.

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