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The Making Of Jasira

Jasira started with the fact that I had to think about toucans for a few days. At one point I went to look up a documentary about toucans on YouTube. After learning how these birds live, I was even more impressed by them. The following things I learned about them: - The toucan is found in the tropical regions of Central and South America. - The birds live in groups of about 12 animals. Each group has different sleeping places and they move if disturbed. - Toucans are monogamous and nest in hollows in trees. Both parents care about raising the offspring. - The most striking feature of the toucan is its large yet feathery multicolored bill, which is sometimes half the length of the animal itself. This bill acts as a cooling system for them so that, when needed, they quickly get rid of excess body heat. Despite their striking colours, they are hardly noticeable in the (sub)tropical forests. Toucans feed mainly on fruits, the occasional spider or insect. Shop Jasira as a print:


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