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It’s A cELLEbration

It's true, we are in ELLE! We are on the Front Row page, the page where team ELLE share their favorites that have come on their radar. The fact that Studio Queenhood is among them is unreal. And the fact that my name is written without spelling mistakes is also a miracle! Trust me, I've seen a lot of remixes of my name. (Quinciara is the most unique remix of my name I've ever received. And maybe a Level Up for someone else, but just give me the original version).

Years ago I did my first shoot with our day one model Melaina. The first shoot was a hot mess on my part haha! I was still very much looking for my own photography style. Luckily that was in the back of my mind and having creative fun was the most important thing.

While celebrating this milestone with a delicious pastry, we reflected on our growth within Studio Queenhood and on a personal level. Beautiful and unpleasant situations that have led us to a point to choose to progress towards a healthier emotional, physical and mental state. When choosing progression, you automatically choose to let go of all habits and environments that go against it. And that's sometimes painful. But that's why this ELLE publication was an extra gift for us. A kind of confirmation that we are on the right track.

It is nice to see that the people around me are also developing on a personal level. It shows that we have the same priorities. But maybe in the future a blog focused on finding and having a good tribe. But for now I want to drop this one:

“If you dare to dream, find your tribe and actually go for your dreams, you wille be amazed where you can end up.”

I am so grateful for people like Melaina, people who believe in your dream and vision. And I am grateful for you! Thank you for the orders, nice comments, shares, photos, messages and tips! This one's for you: ALL HAIL THE QUEENS 👑





Did you know:

- My first photoshoot with Melaina in 2016 was? When we look back, we can't help but be grateful for growth.

- Melaina is incredibly creative? Especially with photography and videography. Who knows, maybe the next publication won't be a photo of her, but taken by her. 📸

- I really love pearls, shells and other sea elements? When I saw the cover where the model shines with a mother-of-pearl shell, I was literally speechless. 🐚🫧


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