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Happy New Era

Right now I'm sitting comfortably in my pajamas on the bed looking back at the year and I realized that the "new year feeling" is different this year. Not negatively different, but less intense than usual. I notice that I am already in a “new era” internally. 2020 quite early in the year revealed roots in me that need to be uprooted. Maybe 2020 has also shone light on something that has been sitting comfortably in the shade for a while and you were forced to work on it. So don't worry if you don't have a new year resolution that starts tomorrow, January 1, 2021. Perhaps you have unconsciously already started with your resolution. I wish you a fruitful new year and that you look on 2021 with peace and hope. And thank you for your support, nice messages & trust with every order! Thanks to you, 2020 was beautiful and inspiring ✨

Love, Q.


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